The world of fashion is changing. Companies worldwide are looking at the environmental impact of their collections instead of keeping costs at a minimum. They are focusing on ethically sourced materials, fair wages and high quality goods.

Although not a completely new phenomenon, this trend has come more to the forefront in recent years, thanks in large part to industry pioneers that include Patagonia, Fair Trade certified, People Tree, and animal rights activist, Stella McCartney.

But have you recently heard about Adidas making shoes out of recycled plastics? Or how H&M has developed a campaign for #WorldRecyclingWeek with notable artist M.I.A. to close the fashion gap? Or that H&M has a “Conscious Brand” collection? Or that Miik, a company based in Toronto, uses organic bamboo and re-uses and recycles throughout the entire production process to minimize their impact on the earth?

Large global companies and small start-ups are revolutionizing the way we view what goes into our closet. They are encouraging us to rethink the clothes we wear all by simply showcasing how ethical their brand is. It’s no longer about how cheap an item is, but if the fabrication of our clothes are consciously made.

The world of fashion is changing, are you ready?

Contributor: Melaina Gasbarrino
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Melaina is the founder of SALT to TREE,  a conservation and wellness company founded on the principle that we respect the ocean (SALT), land (TREE) and everything in between. Stay Salty and Live with the Earth through her Kids Environmental Books, OM Collections & Conservation Initiatives.

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