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Korean Air Warns That Coronavirus Could Put Them Out Of Business

Korean Air issued a warning Monday that their survival is being threatened by the Coronavirus and the effects that the virus is having on the airline industry as well as Korea iself.

More than half of the countries around the world have blocked Korean tourists from entering, thus requiring Korean Air to ground 100 of the 145 aircraft in their fleet.

This grounding of more than half their fleet has resulted in a reduction of 80% of their international travel. This is extremely drastic compared to their last major cut, which was only 18% of their international fights during the 1997-1998 Financial Crisis.

In a memo issued by the company, they stated that if the outbreak continues for a longer period of time, the airline will have no choice but to fold.

Via Airlines Suspends Most Operations

The small airline Via Airlines has suspended most of their operations from airports around the United States due to what they describe as a “shortage of pilots”. The only route that will remain in their list of scheduled operations is a flight between Orlando Sanford International Airport and Jackson, Mississippi onboard their Embraer 145 aircraft. The airline will also maintain their on-demand charter operations.

Via Airlines is based in Maitland, Florida, and is a privately held company with 150 employees and 6 jet engine Embraer 145 aircraft. It has a two-decade history of flight operations and prior to this suspension operated in 19 cities across the country.

Any passengers that have tickets booked on Via Airlines should contact the airline to arrange a refund.

More information on Via Airlines can be found on their website at:   https://www.flyviaair.com