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Flight Review: Lufthansa – Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH)

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Airline:  Lufthansa (Flight 1190)

Date:  Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Departure City:  Frankfurt Main Airport (FRA), Germany

Departure Time: 1:05 PM

Arrival City: Zurich (ZRH), Switzerland

Arrival Time:  2:00 PM

Aircraft:  Boeing 737-300

This very brief flight on Lufthansa would take us from Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) to Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH).  Prior to this flight, my friends and I were traveling on United Airlines Flight 932 – Washington Dulles (IAD) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA).  After landing, we rush through security as fast as we could, but the lines were terrible.  We were fortunate to make it to the gate just in time for boarding to begin.  We literally had to run from one end of Frankfurt to the exact opposite.

Once at the gate, my one buddy named Matt needed to pick up his boarding pass, as they were not able to generate it for us in Pittsburgh.  The gate agent told us that they were not sure if he could take this flight.  Our hearts fell.  We had to make this connection.

Luckily, the gate agent was able to get Matt on, and away we went!

I found my seat in the aisle (22C) and quickly sat down.  Push back was on time as well as our departure.

Due to the short duration of the flight, only water was served to passengers.

Upon arriving in Zurich, Switzerland, we could breathe a sigh of relief.  We had arrived at our main stopping point.  It was 2pm, and our flight the next day departed at 5:55am.  We had roughly 16 hours to kill in Zurich.  What to do?

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