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Caracas Airport Operating Without Power For Days

Due to the collapse of Venezuela’s power grid, Caracas International Airport (CCS) has been operating mostly without any power, except for runway lights and communications equipment.

The situation in the airport is dire, as without power, all passengers checking in are processed via paper, as well as those clearing passport control. Safety is another concern, as the airport can only carry out basic security checks (screening bags physically by hand), since the bags cannot go through electronic scanners.

Air Europa flight parked at the gate without power at Caracas Int’l Airport (CCS) – 2019

It has been reported that all flights to the United States have been canceled due to the security concerns, and other flights operating have been severely delayed.

Passport Control in Caracas Int’l Airport processing passengers on paper without electricity for computers.
Caracas Int’l Airport dark without electricity to power it.
Caracas Int’l Airport baggage claim sits quiet without electricity to run the baggage conveyor belts.
Copa Airlines flight at Caracas Int’l Airport with passengers disembarking via air stairs without electricity to move the jetway.