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Emirates Launches World’s Shortest Route For Airbus A-380

Emirates will now hold the official title of operating the world’s shortest route for the mammoth Airbus A-380 aircraft when it begins trips (twice daily) from Dubai (DXB) to Muscat (MCT) on July 1st. The distance is a mere 211 miles (340km) each way. That short distance is even shorter than the length of all the wiring that is installed on-board the A-380 aircraft. This will indeed be the shortest trip for the double decker on earth.

This new flight breaks the previous record (also set by Emirates) for the shortest Airbus A-380 flight. That record was for a flight between Dubai (DXB) and Doha (DOH) that clocked in at 235.5 miles (379km).

These flights between Dubai, UAE and Muscat, Oman will depart Dubai at 08:25am and arrive in Muscat at 09:40am. The return flight departs Muscat at 11:15am and arrives back in Dubai at 12:25pm.

The second flight of the day will depart Dubai at 04:10pm and arrive in Muscat at 05:25pm. The return leg will depart Muscat at 07:05pm and arrive in Dubai at 08:15pm. The timings could differ in the winter when schedules adjust.

If you ever wanted a chance to fly on the incredible Airbus A-380, but don’t like long flights, then this will be the perfect way to experience this elegant aircraft.

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A Curious Routing. You Can Now Fly From St. Vincent’s (SVD) to Dubai (DXB)

Dubai offers nonstop flights to almost every major city in the world, and they are about to add another city to the map. The tiny Caribbean island nation of St. Vincent’s and the Grenadines (SVD). However, the route won’t be flown by Emirates, but by a tiny charter operator named One Caribbean.

One Caribbean is a charter airline based in Argyle Int’l Airport (SVD) and operates small 19 seat Beechcraft 1900 aircraft. The news of a tiny charter operator starting new services with an aircraft as large as the Boeing 747-400 has been raising some eyebrows around the airline industry.

The entire nation of St. Vincent’s and the Grenadines only consists of a population of 110,000 people. Hardly enough to sustain 747 services, unless it would be something along the lines of a once weekly charter flight to/from Europe (i.e. London).

It will be interesting to see how this airline performs. Based on a local news article, the government is in full support of the airline, so hopefully that helps keep them afloat as they learn how to best handle their new queen of the sky.

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