Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

Lanikai Beach — Hawaii

Lanikai Beach in Hawaii is located on the northern shore of the island of Oahu. The water is peaceful and calm thanks to a coral reef just off its shores. This beach is the perfect place to swim or snorkel.

Eagle Beach — Aruba

Eagle Beach is located on the southern Caribbean island of Aruba. Eagle Beach is known for their wide beaches and sugar soft white sand. Eagle Beach is more relaxing and low key than it’s neighboring Palm Beach a quick ride away.

Bora Bora — French Polynesia

Bora Bora is located in Tahiti and boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. They feature shallow lagoons and peaceful calm azure colored water. When visiting Bora Bora make sure you stay in a unique over water bungalow in one of the many resorts that offer them. You won’t regret it!

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Long Bay Beach — Turks and Caicos Islands

Long Bay Beach is located on the islands of Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean. The Turks and Caicos are known for having some of the best fishing in the world. Especially their abundance of Blue Marlins living in the waters.

Horseshoe Bay Beach — Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay Beach is located on the island of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. This beach is renown for its pink sand and bathtub warm turquoise waters. A trip to this beach or one of the many others in Bermuda is sure to leave a long last memory you won’t forget.

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach — Hawaii

Punalu’u Black Sand Beach is located on the Big Island in Hawaii. It is the most famous and popular of all the black sand beaches found in Hawaii. In addition to the wide stretches of dark dotted sand, you might encounter one of a handful of endangered animals (such as the hawksbill turtle) that call this beach home.

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Seven Mile Beach — Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach is located in the Caribbean on the Cayman Islands, and yes, it is 7 miles long (11.26km). Seven Mile Beach is located on the western side of the island and boasts tons of resorts, restaurants, and more.

Railay Beach — Thailand

Railay Beach is a breathtaking beach located in the country of Thailand in Southeast Asia. Railay Beach is situation in the Krabi province which is home to many other famous top beaches. Railay Beach is reached with a long tailed boat and provides many fun opportunities to kayak through the secret coves around the island.

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Pampelonne Beach — France

Pampelonne Beach is situated in the French Riviera in southern France. Pampelonne Beach is the crown jewel of beaches in the French Riviera and is the busiest and longest stretch of beach in St. Tropez.

Siesta Beach — Florida

The #1 most beautiful beach in the world belongs to Siesta Beach in Siesta Key, Florida. This beach is incredibly wide and offers white quartz sand which is so incredibly soft to the touch. No worries about getting itchy sand stuck to your body here. Siesta Key tops out the list and makes for one incredible getaway.