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Ultra Low Cost Airlines vs Legacy Airlines. Which Is Best?


Ultra Low Cost Airlines:

Ultra low cost airlines are typically the cheapest option for a flight that you are planning to take. There is only one class of service and no business class or first class. However, be aware of the additional fees and charges that you may encounter.

These fees can include:

  • Checked bag fees
  • Carry on bag fees
  • Inflight food and beverages (additional cost)
  • Ticket printing fee
  • Change / cancellation fees
  • Seat selection fee
  • Boarding group fee

Legacy Airlines:

Legacy airlines are usually more expensive than their ultra low cost counterparts, however, there are times when they fight dollar for dollar with each other on certain routes and nice discounts can be found. Legacy carriers vary in terms of what they charge in addition to the ticket price, but let’s go over each type of service/ticket class that most airlines offer.

Basic Economy

These tickets are the absolute cheapest for a flight, however, they always charge a fee for checked/carry-on bags, as well as selecting a seat.


These tickets are cheap, but not as cheap as the Basic Economy. However, they sometimes include bag/carry-on fees, as well as seat selection within 24 hours of departure.

Business Class/First Class

These tickets are the most expensive and include everything, include bag fees, seat selection, meals, drinks, etc.

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