Ultra Low Cost Airlines vs Legacy Airlines. Which Is Best?

Cabin Class (Class of Service)

Ultra Low Cost Airlines:

Only one class of service is offered on ultra low cost airlines to keep prices as low as possible and squeeze as many seats onto the plane as they can. However, some airlines (i.e. Spirit Airlines) offer an experience called “The Big Front Seat”, which is a much larger and spacious First Class type of seat, as well as only containing 2 seats on each section of the aisle compared to 3-3 for the rest of the plane. These seats can be booked at time of purchase or during check-in.

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Legacy Airlines:

Traditional airlines offer a few classes of service depending on the route and type of aircraft flying the route. These classes include:

  • Basic Economy
  • Economy/Coach
  • Economy Plus / Coach Plus
  • Business Class
  • First Class
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